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It is proposed that the Mexican Space Agency will be an organisation specialising in technology, charged with the promotion, coordination and encouragement of all matters relating to the research, exploration and use of outer space, in the interest of preserving this knowledge as a heritage to the Mexican nation.

In April, 2006 the Chamber of Deputies approved a law iniciative for the creation of the Mexican Space Agency, called AEXA (Agencia Espacial Mexicana). A decision from the Chamber of Senators is expected by the first quarter of 2008 for the approval of AEXA. If the Chamber of Senators agrees, it will be then the turn for the President of Mexico to take the final decision.

Justification for the creation of AEXA

The development of techno-scientific skills would represent a fundamental factor in promoting economic growth, social development and national integration. Started five decades ago, space research and the development of exploration resources, have clearly resulted in scientific knowledge being part of the technology creation process that characterises our era.

Originally started and developed almost exclusively for and by industrialised countries, this research has consistently penetrated many countries at different stages of their development during the past fifty years in all five continents. This organisation is now known as the International Space Community.

This community is formed by 42 countries that have scientific, technologic and economic policies on space matters. These policies are coordinated or centralised in specialised organisations which form a network of constant information exchange in the scientific, technological and academic fields. This in turn leads to train staff to be highly-skilled, as well as to economic opportunities. This network has allowed the countries in it to potentiate the development of their strategic economic sectors.

Therefore, the bill for the creation of the Mexican Space Agency proposes a strategic plan to incorporate Mexico to the International Space Community thus opening opportunities for academic and research institutions, as well as for their production centers, so that they can access the information exchange that this possibility offers.


  1. To select technological alternatives for solving specific issues in our country.
  2. To develop own troubleshooting methodology for solving these specific issues.
  3. To disseminate information and technology obtained in all space science fields and other related areas that might be of interest to the Mexican Community.
  4. To reach a consensus regarding negotiations, agreements and international treaties in matters related to space activities.
  5. To coordinate the scientific research of space matters.
  6. To raise awareness about the importance that scientific development, possession and usage of the knowledge and technological development related to space research, has for our national economy, education, culture and community life in general.
  7. To coordinate the academic exchange between the different scientific and technological research organisations.
  8. To develop protocols for exchanging scientific and technological research and for increasing cooperation with other space agencies.
  9. To involve in the project Mexican companies with technological resources and capacity, so that they provide equipment, materials, spare parts and servicing for the Mexican Space Agency’s own projects, or for those of other agencies with which we might have exchange and collaboration protocols.
  10. The adaptation of the country’s productive sector to participate and to become competitive in the goods and market services relating to space matters.
Special thanks to Lic. José Jaime Herrera Cortés, Ana F. Blanco, Rosie Shaddock and Covadonga Escandón for the spanish-english translation.

Important: The Mexican Space Agency (AEXA) is in the process of being formed. It's expected that the end of the year the Mexican Senate make a final decision on this matter, so that the organisation obtains legal status. Consequently, we reiterate that it is still not possible to refer to AEXA as a legal entity as the agency as such does not yet exist. For this same reason no one has assumed any position inside AEXA and no one can claim that they are included in its budget.


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